Hannah Industries



This office space should be extremely functional, inspiring, and iconic. Functional, meaning that each piece of furniture and aspect of the design will lend itself well to the day-to-day work being done at Hannah Industries. Inspiring, meaning that the environment will be one that evokes creativity. Iconic, meaning that the design of Hannah will be something unique enough that people who visit will want to share what they experienced there.


Welcome Desk

- Large, eye-catching Hannah Industries logo above welcome desk
- 3 brands names featured below Hannah logo
- Wall color - white

Bri & Trek’s Office

- Wooden desks, white or black office chairs
- Large shared wall calendar
- Western Cultured mantra (Here's to the peaks and valleys, ...) in large black vinyl, to the right of Bri's desk
- Functional storage above Trek's desk; something like white peg board or floating shelves
- Wall color - white

Matt, Arlene & Joy’s Office

- Functional and minimalistic pieces such as:
   - Shared wall calendar
   - Acrylic dry-erase board
   - Filing cabinet(s)
   - Floating shelves
- Wooden desks and white or black office chairs
- Wall color - white

Conference Room

- The space should inspire a lot of creativity and conversation.
- Large wooden conference table
- Black chairs
- Acrylic dry-erase boards
- Large size close-up prints of flower
- Wall color - light gray

This is the concept for the dry/erase boards, to maintain a clean, minimal, and modern look.

Employee Yoga Space

- Unique accent wall
- White or gray yoga mats
- Shelving piece with water bottles and snacks
- Wall color - white, plus an accent wall


- The lounge would take up part of the main open space in the office
- Couch, rug, end tables, chairs, coat rack, floor lamp
- Functions as a waiting area for guests as well as a comfortable space for casual/intimate meetings and breaks

Garden Windows

- The garden windows should be the focal point of the office
- Logo in between windows, identical to the logo at the welcome desk
- This wall would make for a great photo opportunity; something iconic and unique, instantly recognized as Hannah Industries

Additional Main Space Ideas

- White bar-height desks with bar stools for additional work spaces
- Pool table
- Shelving feature to display pieces like industry awards, team and event photos, and even memorable pieces like the original sketch of the terpene wheel
- Black folding chairs in storage, ready to be pulled out for larger meetings and tours in the space