Well-executed production design emphasizes the product, talent, and space you are working with rather than distracting from it.

Production design is a big undertaking. I handle the details, while working alongside the director to create the most consistent visual experience throughout the production process.

Though I have a personal style, I aim to not have a particular aesthetic. I'm working with the interests of others on a shoot, and my job is to create the best possible design for the direction given. The goal is to create this authentic, engaging, and slightly-dramatized world (pre-production), then make it come to life through the form of photos and video (day-of-production).

My pre-production work looks like researching and gathering inspiration, creating color palettes, hunting for props that fit into the theme, and creating a detailed plan for the day-of set-up that will maintain continuity between shots and capture people’s attention in the finished product. Day-of production is a full-on dash. I’m the first to arrive and the last to leave as I spend my time setting-up props, tweaking details between shots to capture the very best moments, then tearing down and packing-up. Contact me below to get the ball rolling on your next project.

Set design is one of the most important touches to bring a shoot together. I was very impressed with how prepared Victory was. It really took a lot of weight off of the production crew’s shoulders, and allowed everyone to focus on their task.
— Dylan Furst, @FURSTY

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